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Dear Teacher!

Do you often lack grammar materials to use in the classroom or you don’t have enough time to look for new ones?

Are you looking for ready-made board games  / games / materials that you can simply take to the classroom and use?

Do you teach adults / teens?

If your answer is YES then this training is for you!

What are we going to do?

First off, I’ll show you how you can have a grammar-packed lesson based on speaking with very few handouts. You’ll also see how ones game can be used in a variety of ways with very different levels and various students. Sometimes even to teach a different language!

You’ll leave the training with a head bursting with ideas and pockets full of materials!

For one, I import  IMAGINARIUM CARDS (the Russian equivalent of Dixit – a much more mature and thought-provoking collection of beautiful cards). These cards are not available in Poland you can only get them at my workshop 🙂 They are brilliant for teaching adults, provoking discussions, boosting creativity. As they have more details than traditional Dixit cards (and they are created for adults)  you can use them in multiple ways. What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that they are created by 12 different artists. This means each card is a little bit different, there are multiple themes and topics. Some are dark, funny, slightly sexist, a lot are fairy-talish, many post-apocaliptic etc. Have a look:

Ten pokaz slajdów wymaga włączonego JavaScript.

Each attendee receives one set of 98 cards.

If you fall in love with them like I did you will want all sets (there are five!)

During the training I will show you how you can use these cards to play various grammar games with various levels and different types of students (adults or teens)

If time allows, we will also “play with” REGIPIO puzzles,  think how to use post-it notes, story cubes and more!

Oh! I almost forgot 🙂 Each attendee also gets a 40-page booklet with my ready-made grammar games that can be played with various levels.  All based on speaking, most in color. During the training I explain how to use each game, how to adapt it to different levels and we also test the more difficult ones. New takes on Battleships, tic tac toe (noughts and crossses) and other board games!

This training +70 games / idea / techniques that you can simply take away and use in your classroom!

You will also get discount codes for various publishing houses and could win a prize 🙂



Session 1:  Going over the booklet, brainstorming, playing some of the games

Coffee break

Session 2:  Booklet continued. Detailed analysis of IMAGINARIUM card games, brainstorming 

Coffee break

Session 3: Imaginarium continued. If time allows games for Regipio puzzles, post-its, cubes. 

The whole training takes 5 hours.

What else should you know?

  1. The training is mainly aimed at English Teachers  ( or other Language teachers with at least a B2 understanding of English)
  2. The materials / games / ideas can be used with adult learners and or teenagers.
  3. Each attendee receives  certificate.
  4. Coffee breaks include coffee, tea, sweets
  5. Each attendee receives discount vouchers ( Regipio, Preston Publishing, Polonsky, Creativo English) there is also a chance to win some prizes 🙂


QUESTIONS? Let me know!

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