Knock, knock jokes Day 2

Hello, Hello!

Time for another day of knock knock jokes with an explanation. If you missed Day 1 go and check it out.



I like knock knock jokes where the joke can functional as a name 🙂 It’s short and precise and doesn’t require too much explanation.

 Robin Banks would be an excellent name for a thief in a board game 🙂

Why? The play on words is based on how robbing banks” is pronounced.  You may have noticed that very often verbs are written a bit differently when the message is more relaxed, informal etc:


chilling -> chillin’

A: Whatcha doin’? (what are you doing?)

B: Just chillin’ (I’m just chilling)

Notice one more thing 🙂 Remember yesterday? I told you about “pootcha”, in the example above we have “whatcha” – same technique . 🙂

Stay tuned for day three tomorrow 🙂

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