Hunt them Down! – A practical workshop on teaching vocabulary [ENG]

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My first training session “How to Tame phrasal verbs” came to exist in 2015.

Two years passed and out of a 90-minute session we now have four hours!

Your students hate phrasals (There are so many of them?! Why so many meanings? How to study this?, teachers also seem to dislike them (too many of them to teach, why confuse my students?)

I like challenges, always have, that’s why I decided to do research, test and play with this difficult area of English. The effect of all this two-year challenge is this training I am now presenting to you:  HUNT THEM DOWN – how to tame vocabulary!

What are we going to do?

First off, I’ll show you step by step how to  change a boring course book lesson into a challenging and engaging set of classes with a lot of speaking practice and games that will prove that lexis can be tamed 🙂

  1. You’ll see how to use board games effectively  with groups of adults
  2.  I’ll teach you how to look at a classical game of BINGO  in a completely new and innovative way that is student-centered and requires students to think
  3.  You’ll learn my ways of language activation and / or remembering lexis. You will star as the student and test the games 🙂
  4. You will see how using a simple PowerPoint or Word you and your students can create visual materials and mind maps
  5. You’ll see how you can use conventional flashcards in an unconventional and creative way
  6. You’ll be inspired by famous American hosts
  7. and you’ll motivate your students to do homework!

Each attendee will get a healthy dosage  of theory and practice .

Please prepare yourself for a day of testing, discussions and brainstorming. 🙂

All with a nice group of teachers and coffee / tea / sweets 🙂

Who is it for?

  • English teachers who specialize in teaching adults (or late teens)
  • Teachers looking for ideas on how to teach phrasal verbs  
  • Teachers looking for new ideas on how to teach various lexical items
  • Teachers looking for ways of making flashcards interesting
  • Teachers looking to limit the number of copies they make in class
  • Teachers looking for ways of maximizing student input during the classes

What will you get?

  1.  A four-hour training both theoretical and practical
  2. My signature ways of teaching and revising phrasal verbs , idioms and other lexis 
  3. Ideas that will help you teach /revise material without making pointless copies 
  4. Ideas that will help you maximize the students’ potential  and minimize your prep time. 
  5.  A chance to meet other teachers and network
  6.  A name certificate
  7. Coffee / tea / sweets
  8. Discount vouchers for various publishing houses and a chance to win some prizes!


(might change slightly depending on the attendee’s expectations)

Part one approx. 10:00-11:30 

Student Projects – how to change a boring lesson in a stimulating challenge? 

BREAK 11:30-11:45

Part two approx 11:45 -12:30

How to effectively use game shows and other board games to teach vocabulary 

Break 12:30-12:40

Part three approx. 12:40-14:00

Bingo – Old Game, Completely New Take!

Interested in this workshop? Let me know!

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Coming to Wrocław 30-31 August! 

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