Knock, knock jokes Day 1

It’s been a long time since I had a purely “for students” post. Time to change that 🙂

This time a week of very intelligent knock knock jokes I got from  “The Wicked Book of Knock Knock Jokes” (purchased at the 4th Teacher Convention)

The series this week will feature the knock knock joke (the pic) and an explanation of the joke below it 🙂

Let’s get to it!

Of course a butcher is a person that works with raw meat.
The play on words in this case is all about the way you would quickly say “put your left leg let in, your left leg out” – (connected with dancing) .
The put your”  would sound like “pootcha” and this is very close to “butcher” (especially if pronounced by a Brit)
Also the p sound and b sound in English are plosive sounds (meaning they kind of “explode” when you pronounce them) and they are direct opposites of each other:
p being a voiceless sound and b being voiced.

Stay tuned for another Knock knock joke and explanation tomorrow 🙂

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